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1952, Michael. “Senior ID Card.” Flickr, Yahoo!, 7 Nov. 2010,

Parking Pass Information

Parking on Campus is a privilege. All students who park on campus must obtain a parking decal by meeting requirements, completing proper paperwork, and paying the parking fee. Any students parking on campus  without a properly obtained parking decal will be subject to discipline consequences, fines, and the possible towing of their vehicle. Please see Ms. Golk in the SRC for parking information.

Kirk, Austin. “Locker Doors.” Flickr, Yahoo!, 18 Feb. 2013,

Locker Information

1952, Michael. “Senior ID Card.” Flickr, Yahoo!, 7 Nov. 2010,

Student IDs:

  • Initial ID is FREE/reprint is lost ID is $5.00

  • Every student must carry the ID with them at all times

  • Uses are textbook checkout, on and off campus for Dual Enrollment, lunchtime for Seniors, and Juniors lunch on Fridays only if requirements are met.
  • Also used to enter home sporting events, dances, and other special events.


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