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TEAL Directors

For more information, please contact our Directors:

Director of TEAL Program 

April Travis: [email protected]

VPK Teacher

Kari Nagus: [email protected]


TEAL Program Downloads

2021-2022 Student Work

2021-2022 Students working with VPK

Teaching Academy Class Progression

Program Updates

Teaching Education And Learning Program

 Teaching Pathway: Teaching as Profession



Teaching as Profession

· This career pathway offers a core component of teaching courses which allow students to explore the field of education as a career possibility.

Students’ educational journey in this pathway include the following courses:

· Year 1: Introduction to Teaching Principles

· Year 2: Human Growth & Development

· Year 3: Curriculum & Instruction

· Year 4: Internship

This education pathway includes opportunities for students to apply newly acquired educational skills while working hands-on with the Atlantic SharkPups, a Volusia County Schools Voluntary Prekindergarten Program.



Atlantic Students work with PALS program in VPK


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