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See below for information in finding out Student Obligations and Textbooks and Library Checkouts

Obligiations-Online School Payment Center

It is easy to see what obligations you owe from our online school payment center. Go to the link on the school or district website, and click on the person icon in the upper right to login.


home page of online school payments


If you have ever used the payment system to make a purchase before, simply login to your account. If you have never made an online payment, you create your account from this screen.


sign in page for online school payments


After you have logged in, click on student obligations at the top of the screen. Select the student profile connected to your account and filter by the school to see what obligations are attached to him/her.  


student obligations page


If the student’s name does not appear, click the link to the left to link them to your list. To add a student to your account, you will need to know their alpha code, which is their unique identifier that students use to login to computers and login to vPortal, etc.

You can make payments for obligations directly from this screen if there is anything you owe. Contact the teacher or coach who submitted the obligation or Frances Reyes, the bookkeeper at  with questions. TEXTBOOK AND LIBRARY OBLIGATIONS ARE NOT BE LISTED HERE, SO KEEP READING TO SEE WHERE TO CHECK FOR THOSE!

Do I Owe any Books? (Textbooks, Computers or Library materials)

Students can see their own checkouts and fines in Destiny for both library, computers and textbooks. Log into Destiny through the VPortal.

Click on the three lines in the upper left corner.

To view textbooks, resources, and library books that are currently checked out that need to be returned, select checkouts. You can choose between All Checkouts, Library, or Resources. To view overdue textbooks, resources, and library books or fines for damaged materials, click on fines. You do not owe the dollar amount listed under fines if you have the undamaged book to return.

To make a payment for a lost or damaged book, go back to the online school payment system on the school website listed above. Instead of clicking on obligations, click on OTHER PAYMENT. Choose your student account, and Atlantic High School. For Obligation Type, select Lost Library Book or Lost Textbook. Enter the dollar amount you found listed in Destiny. Under describe obligation, please put the title or titles you are paying for. When you are done, please send an email to Mrs. O'Brien at so that she can make sure remove your obligation from inside Destiny.