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Strategic Traffic Plan

Atlantic High School’s Strategic Traffic Plan

Atlantic High School has a strategic traffic plan that creates a safe environment for all students, family members, employees and visitors who come on campus whether they are walking, riding a bike, on a school bus, or in a personal vehicle. Here are some important facts that you should know:

  • The school opens each morning at 7:45 am. Buses begin rolling in shortly after . . . and so do students, parents and employees.
  • The entrance closest to Clyde Morris Boulevard is designated for most people coming to Atlantic. It leads directly in to the parent drop-off/pick-up loop as well as employee and student parking. Be aware that some buses which serve our special needs students will also use this entrance! Vendors also enter through this area. Students who walk or ride their bikes to school should come in the gate located near this entrance.
  • The entrance closest to Nova Road is our designated bus entrance. Parents and students should NOT use this entrance. It is unsafe to use due to the number of buses which enter through there daily. Those who walk to school or ride bikes should NOT use this entrance.
  • Campus advisors and administrators are out at the beginning and end of each day as students get on buses and leave in personal vehicles. Pay attention to any directions that they may give in order to keep traffic flowing safely.
  • Throughout the day, someone is positioned at our Welcome Station. If they ask you your name and business on campus, remember it is in an effort to keep our campus safe. Remember, they are just doing their job!
  • Everyone driving on campus is expected to do so in a safe manner. Anyone speeding, driving recklessly or carelessly could lose the privilege to drive on campus. Remember that riding a school bus is also a privilege and not a right! Appropriate behavior is expected.
  • If at any time you have questions, suggestions or concerns about our Strategic Traffic Plan, please contact us at (386) 322-6100, Extension 38100.