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Clubs and Activities

Atlantic High School Clubs & Activities 2022-2023
Clubs/Activity Name Type Sponsor Memberships When Where
Academic Team I Hobson Open January - May Lunch/afterschool  9-004
AEMS  A Spain Members Lunch/Fridays 4-008
AEMS Anglers I Knutson Members 2nd Wed/ Lunch 4-005
ALAG Student Assoc. I Rivera Members M/Lunch A Courtroom
Band O Blackwell Members During class Band Room
Chess Club I O’Brien Open Tuesdays Media
Chorus O Hallman Members During class 9-003
Dance (Nautica) O Aubry Members During class Dance Room
Drama / Thespian Troupe 5340 O DeMarco Open Select Tues 9-012
DVT Club (Digital Video Technology) I Brunning Open TBD 6-005
Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) I O’Brien Open Tue/Thurs Media
FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) I M.Brown Open Lunch 7-219
FFA I Knutson Members 3rd Wed/ Lunch 4-005
FFEA I Nagus / Travis Open  Wed / Month 3-012
Fishing Club I Knutson Open   4-005
Freshman Class of 2026 O Vesta Freshmen TBA Theater
Freshman Class Board   Vesta Freshmen Fridays Lunch A 7-003
Gaming Club I Bowrosen Academy Wednesdays 5-217
Juniors Class of 2024 O Julien Juniors TBA Theater
Junior Class Board   Julien Juniors Fridays Lunch A 7-211
Key Club S Carriera Open E/O Wed Media
National Honor Society A,S McCann Invitation 2/4th Monday 4-002
Pride Club (Gay-Straight Alliance) I Maitland Open TBD 7-204
Nautica I Aubry Members After school  8-009
Senior Class of 2023 O Edmunds Seniors TBA Theater
Senior Class Board I Edmunds Seniors Fridays Lunch A 7-237
SGA (Student Government) I Hobson Elections Fridays  @ Lunch Media
Sharks Create & Innovate (SCI) I O’Brien Open Lunch Media
Sharks Read for Real I O’Brien Open Lunch on Fridays Media
Social Justice Initiative - SJI I Gallico Open Tu/Thur Lunch B 7-226
Sophomore Class of 2024 O Coach Matt Sophomores TBA Theater
Sophomore Class Board I Coach Matt Sophomores Fridays Lunch A TBD
Spanish Club I Gavilanes Open 1st/ 3rd W/Lunch 6-212
STAR Club (Autism Awareness) O Williams Open  Lunch 2-004
TEAL  A Travis, Nagus Members 3rd Thurs 2-002
TESA Student Assoc. I Silva Members E/O Thurs  4-006
TSA (Tech Student Assoc) I Silva Open E/O Thurs  4-006