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Parking Pass Information

Parking on Campus is a privilege. All students who park on campus must obtain a parking decal by meeting requirements, completing proper paperwork, and paying the parking fee. Any students parking on campus  without a properly obtained parking decal will be subject to discipline consequences, fines, and the possible towing of their vehicle.

Parking decals and lunch passes can only purchased at school in the SRC office starting the first week of school as they need to be approved before purchasing.


Parking Passes: $50.00 for the year – will be evaluated every 9 weeks

Please print out the application. This needs to be filled out and signed by parent and student.


Lunch passes: $10.00 for the quarter – will be evaluated every 9 weeks. If they do not meet the correct criteria they will not get the lunch pass for the first 9 weeks

Senior and Juniors get the privilege to go off campus Monday – Friday. Please print the correct lunch pass for your student and this also must be filled out and signed by parent and student.

Parking/Lunch Pass Applications

Click here for Parking Pass online application.

Click here for lunch pass application

"If completing the parking pass form on a mobile device or a non-VCS device, students will be prompted to enter their VCS Alpha Code and password in order to access the form.  This is the same login information students would use to access their VPortal account."